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Eagle School welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds. We are a Christian school and operate based upon principles of organization and character found in the Bible, but we do not require students or families to be affiliated with any particular faith, religion, or denomination. All parents and/or students are welcome to apply to attend Eagle School. In cases where students have been issued disciplinary action or expulsion from a previous school, each student’s case will be reviewed individually by the Eagle School Council for a determination of admission.

​Please contact the Eagle School office for the most current tuition rates for domestic students:

Members of New House Richland, Eagle School’s parent church, are granted a reduced tuition rate for their children to attend Eagle School.
Non-NHR-Members are charged the standard tuition rate.

For both NHR members and non-NHR members, tuition for the first child is charged at the standard tuition rate. Second children and subsequent children in the same family that are enrolled in Eagle School are charged a reduced rate of tuition.

Registration Fee
There is a yearly registration fee per student as follows:
FREE-if registration is completed on or before April 15th
$35 if registered between April 16th and July 31st
$70 if registered on or after August 1st
Refund issued if enrollment is denied

Tuition and Fee Assistance
Eagle School administration understands that not all families are able to pay full tuition fees out-of-pocket. Eagle School offers a number of payment plans for tuition payments. In addition, parents have the option of applying for scholarship funds to be applied toward their child’s tuition, or volunteering for additional time (beyond required volunteer hours) to help with tasks such as building and grounds maintenance, assisting with coaching sports teams, working in the school kitchen, and assisting in the church office, to offset the cost of student tuition.