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 How to Enroll at Eagle School as an International Student


What international students are accepted at Eagle School?

  • Eagle School accepts international students from any country outside of the United States. 
  • Eagle School accepts international students in grades 9-12.
  • Eagle School accepts students for multi-year programs, full-year programs, semester-long programs, or other short-term programs throughout the school year. 
  • Eagle School accepts students through an F-1 visa program. In cases of short-term programs (one semester or shorter), Eagle School accepts students through a J-1 visa program. If the student decides to remain at Eagle beyond the length of their initially agreed program, Eagle School will require the student to transfer to an F-1 visa program. 
  • Eagle School accepts international students through student placement agencies.
  • Eagle School accepts international students applying independently (without a placement agency). 
  • Eagle School accepts international students from any religious or cultural background.

Prerequisites and Requirements:

English Standards

  • International students applying at Eagle School whose primary language is not English must have taken a minimum of two academic years of English courses and achieved a minimum of a "C"-level grade in these English courses. 
  • Students whose primary language is not English must have received a minimum ELTIS score of at least level 3 (4 is preferred) and/or a SLEP score of 30-55 in order to be accepted at Eagle School. 

*In certain cases, some English prerequisite requirements may be waived if the student can demonstrate a substantial grasp of the English language through a writing sample and a Skype interview with the school administrator. 

Academic Standards

  • Students must be in good academic standing and not have received a grade of "F" or the equivalent in any high school course. If the student is applying for 9th grade, the student must not have received a grade of "F" or the equivalent within the previous two school years.
    *In certain cases, some grade prerequisite requirements may be waived if evidence can be supplied of mitigating circumstances in the case of a failing grade.

Students who are working with a placement agency

Students from outside of the United States who would like to apply to enroll at Eagle School and who are currently working with an international student placement agency should contact their agency representative and request to have their application sent from the agency to Eagle School.

In general, for students working with international placement agencies, tuition will be paid from the student's family to the student's placement agency, and the placement agency will pay the student's tuition to Eagle School after all agreements and contracts have been signed. 

International Student Placement Agencies

​Eagle School is always interested in working with new international student placement agencies. 
Eagle School currently has ongoing placement agreements with the following placement agencies:

Coach.In Sports
​NACEL Open Door
United Studies
A10 Academy
GoAbroad Chile
Discover and Learn
Yes, Thailand
​Quest Exchange
I.E.S. International

​If you work for one of these agencies, please contact your local agency representative or directly email Eagle School's International Liaison, Scott Coppernoll

If you do not work for one of the above-listed agencies, please contact Eagle School's International Liaison, to learn about placing students at Eagle School:

Independent International Student Applicants (no placement agency)

Eagle School international tuition rates are subject to change with the start of each new school year. International student tuition rates do not include international placement fees. Please contact the Eagle School office to get the most up-to-date tuition rates:

Children of Missionaries

Eagle School highly values the work that Christian missionary families do around the globe. Children of missionary families (whether American citizens or citizens of another country) may be able to receive a reduced tuition rate for their attendance at Eagle School. The Children of Missionaries program availability is subject to the availability of host families, the current missionary status of the student's parents, and other administrative factors.
Missionary families interested in sending their child(ren) to Eagle School should contact Eagle School's International Liaison Scott Coppernoll