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Comments from Eagle School international program students
“I like Eagle School because they are very nice to the students. We get to do a lot of sports and activities.  The teachers are nice and awesome. They are always helping the students. This school is the best school and that is why I like it! I will return next year.”   ~ JuYoung, (South Korea)

“I will recommend Eagle School because it is a great experience, and you will see many different identities and cultures. Even though it is a Christian school, you will see that it is different than you think it is, because they do not force this on you and the subjects are very interesting. There is a lot of homework and high standards but it will be a year where you will learn a lot. You won't even realize all that you learn. It will be a year where you change from the childish person to a more mature person- with opinions and good morals. Kindly regards.”    ~ Frederik  (Denmark)

“Eagle School is a great school. I learned a lot from this school. They don't just teach you the knowledge from the book, they teach you how to be a responsible and righteous person. They have a lot of great teachers. They don't just care about your GPA. They care about YOU! I will return for 2 more years.”   ~ Rui  (China)

“I like Eagle School because I received a lot of good experiences this year. I met new friends and they are very kind and helpful. The teachers are very nice and always help me when I have any problems. They always give good advice. This school is like my second home. I can spend my time here and I don't have anything to worry about. Everything is going so well and I love this school. I will return next year.” ~ Napasorn (Thailand)

“Eagle School is a great school. The teachers always help us about our studies. I learned a lot of new things from this school and I have made many new friends. Do not let it worry that it is a smaller school, it has many big opportunities. I have a great time studying here and they really understand about how we feel about leaving our own country to study in this one. They really helped me to improve my English skills.”  ~Taksaporn  (Thailand)

“All of the teachers here really care about you and help you in your classes. There are other international students so you learn about the US and other countries too. There are many out of school activities and fun things to do. You can play sports even if you don't have much experience.” ~ Josephine (Germany)

“I found many friends here from all over the world. It was my first time to play basketball on a team and I loved it. We have many activities and our school encourages us to help others like collecting food for the poor and visiting the older people as a group. These are good and caring things to do and learn.” ~ Keting (China)

“Eagle School is amazing! We can make friends very easy and they help us so that the study is not too hard. Because it a smaller school most of the host families know each other and we can hang out with many of our new friends. The teachers are so nice and help us every day.”  ~ Seongock (South Korea)

“I liked that the teachers here care about you a lot. You get much more help and attention because it is a smaller school. The school work is very challenging but that is good. The sports teams are very fun. All of the people here are so nice. I will miss them.”  ~ Jan Lucas (Germany)

“ Eagle School is a great school. I have met so many other people. We have a lot of fun activities like wacky dress up week and field trips. I like that we get to know so many other students. I wouldn't get to know so many in a large school. The teachers take care of every student and make us feel at home.”  ~ Chittree  (Thailand)

“You helped make me more awesome!” ~ Shaun (China)

Eagle School is located in southwestern Wisconsin. It has been educating in excellence for over 25 years. The school's international students program has welcomed many students from all over the world.