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  • Eagle School offers a wide array of classes to our high school students, all of which meet or exceed state and federal standards for educational high school credits. Eagle High School is a college preparatory school and focuses heavily on preparing our students for the challenging environment and academics they will encounter upon entering a post-secondary educational institution.
  • Our most recent college readiness report by the ACT entrance exam board shows that Eagle School graduates score an average of 40-75 percent higher across all subject areas on the ACT college entrance exam than the state of Wisconsin averages.
  • Eagle High School students are also offered a number of opportunities and experiences beyond simply academic success. Students in 5th grade and above have the opportunity to participate in fall soccer and winter basketball programs. There are also a number of additional options for extra-curricular activities, such as joining the Student Council or the Yearbook Club. Eagle School also offers students the ability to volunteer in outreach programs, such as assisting at the local food pantry, hosted by Eagle School every month, and participating in international trips to third-world countries to assist in building homes for impoverished families or providing medical care in poverty-ridden areas of the world.

The continuity of education from elementary through high school at Eagle School provides an environment where students learn respect and consideration for one another, for the teachers and staff, and build confidence in themselves over the course of their primary and secondary educations.